I’ve been doing an evening class in archery since September and last night was the last class before the yuletide break. If only more people got involved in adult education classes; they’re such a great way to meet likeminded people.

I’m hooked on archery now. There’s something very elemental about shooting a bow. Its very ritualistic – the approach, the stance and the zen-like moment of peace and utter concentration just before the release. It’s almost a meditation. This combined with the veneration of the equipment, the physicality of the draw and the satisfying sound of arrow hitting home makes archery a wonderful example of tangible sanctity.

Next term I hope to be buying a bow of my own to look after and begin building a relationship with. Eventually I hope to craft my own traditional bow from yew and sinew, but that is a huge commitment. To begin with I’ll be buying a simple recurve bow and becoming familiar with that.


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  1. […] Consciousness I’ve recently taken up archery with my wife and my daughter, following Oaklore’s shining example. We are only at the training stage, but it certainly seems to qualify as a wholesome family […]

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