The Hermitage

Telling Stories to the TreesThis is a wonderful blog, written by Rima Staines, illustrator, painter, maker of things and teller of tales. I was led there because of Rima’s illustration for Telling the Bees‘ debut album, ‘Untie the Wind’ – which I have been listening to a lot lately.

Rima’s curiosity leads her through the many worlds of words, languages and lettering, books and stories, puppetry, nature and interesting people, music, superstitions, folklore and fairytales, and most of all the otherness that can be found on the periphery of our lives, the strange and grotesque, the absurd and unnerving … that topsy turvy in between place where things are not quite what they seem…

Rima's home

Her days are spent with her partner in this converted Bedford horsebox. Living in a mobile home isn’t easy, especially in England where the authorities are likely to move you on after a couple of days and locals are often less than accommodating, but it is possible … if you’re prepared to keep on the move and take advantage of offers from friendly landowners – which Rima appears to have done through her extensive community of online friends and followers.

Inside Rima's home

The interior of the home has been painstakingly fitted out with wood panelling, stove, sink, cupboards and hundreds of decorative and functional items each telling part of the tale of Rima and her partner’s shared life.

Also, check out Rima’s main website and Etsy shop. I’m off to look for horseboxes on eBay…!


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  1. Rima on

    Hello.. how lovely to stumble across this!!
    Thanks for the nice words… 🙂 So glad you have enjoyed wandering with us at the blog 🙂
    A great collection of interesting things you have made here
    Wishing you all the best

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