For the past couple of weeks I have been making a woodland-style flute, and now it is finished. I was quite nervous that it wouldn’t sound at all, but it turned out to have a lovely gentle sound, perfect for learning. I’m going to practice on this one while I’m making my second flute, using a similar technique but taking into account the things I learned the first time round. I’m going to use a slightly thicker piece of wood this time, and try and get the walls thinner to create more resonance and a bigger, mellower sound.

The flute is contructed in the Native American style, with two chambres, a carved windway, and a plain ‘fetish’ tied on with a leather thong. The bark is left on in the area of the second chambre for an added woodland feel.


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  1. robin wood on

    Interesting, how did you hollow it? I have an interesting traditional instrument made by a friend in Hungary from a hollowed stick. He also gave me a rather nice blacksmith made drill which will follow the central pith so can effectively hollow a stick evenly even if its not perfectly straight.

  2. tangiblesanctity on

    Hi Robin – I split the wood along the grain with a hatchet, hollowed it with a gouge and stuck it back together with wood glue, filling in any cracks with a beeswax polish. That drill sounds amazing!

  3. Pat Dunnicliffe on

    does this mean ypu dont have to split the wood

  4. tangiblesanctity on

    Hi Pat. For this style of flute you really have to split it as you need to create two separate chambres. I guess you could drill the whole piece and then insert some sort of barrier, but it would be more difficult I think. Try Googling ‘pvc native american flute’ for examples of this technique using PVC piping.

  5. Pat Dunnicliffe on

    Oh Nice one I’ll have to try this

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