Lost Crafts

Lost CraftsI bought this book a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t get a change to look at it properly until this weekend. It’s a wonderful overview of a range of traditional crafts, from popular pastimes such as whittling and making fire to more unusual things like working scrimshaw and glass-blowing.

If you’re looking for detailed instructions of how to do each activity you’ll be disappointed; this is more of an inspirational book to perk up your interest in a particular topic, so you can then go away and do your own research and experimentation. Having said that, this is so much more than a ‘coffee-table’ book. It’s filled with well-researched historical information and wonderful anecdotes about each of the  disciplines.

I particularly fancy having a go at flint-knapping, coracle making, beer brewing, bee-keeping (eventually) and making oil lamps and rushlights.


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  1. robin wood on

    First visit to the blog, very nice I’ll be back.

    I have been waiting for a lull to write about this book on my blog. I really didn’t expect much of it, How can you say anything meaningful about a craft that’s 1000 years old in 2 pages? It is remarkably well researched and written I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a surprising amount too. As you say its not a “how to”…but it is inspiring.

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