Flint knapping

Flint adzeI am booked to go on a one-day flint knapping workshop in July with master knapper John Lord. I can’t wait to learn a little of this ancient skill. Perhaps I’ll make some arrowheads for my new bow!

Val and John Lord began their prehistoric technology research projects in 1975, when they were engaged by the Department of the Environment, (now English Heritage), to take custody of Grimes Graves, the Neolithic flint mining site at Lynford, Norfolk.

During the period from 1975 to 1988, both Val and John strove to master the art of flint knapping, and as they progressed, they willingly shared their newly gained knowledge with members of the public. In the late 1970s they met Ray Mears, with whom they immediately began to exchange information. This arrangement has developed into a firm friendship, and John is now the flint knapping instructor on Ray’s Primitive Technology & Ancient Skills courses.

In 1987, John left Grimes Graves and English Heritage, in order to lead life as a professional flint knapper. Val stayed on at Grimes Graves until 1992, before developing her present role as a cordage and textile specialist, with the use of natural fibres. In 1992, both Val and John decided to pool their technologies and put their combined primitive technological skills on the road. You may now find them demonstrating their ancient art anywhere between Orkney and Guernsey.

I’ll post more information, and hopefully some pictures, after the workshop.


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