Staff sling

This is a staff sling I made over the new year break. Staff slings can be made up to two metres long, but this one’s only about 80cm, designed to be used with one hand rather than two. While stalking, it can be held loaded, resting on the shoulder ready to launch.

I took it out with a ‘practice’ sling section made from nylon paracord to get the length right. It worked well, sending plum-sized stones easily over 30m. I’m not sure how fast they were going, but one hit a rock I was aiming for and sent up a satisfying spark! I then came home and then created this more authentic sling section using corded jute and two pieces of soft leather sandwiched with hide glue.

It needs to be bedded in a bit as the pocket’s a bit stiff. I’ll do this by soaking it and leaving it overnight with a weight in it, and then by practicing with it!


5 comments so far

  1. James Watson on

    Lets see that bad boy in action!

    Any photos of it being used?

  2. tangiblesanctity on

    I’ll see what I can do!

  3. tangiblesanctity on

    That’s better. Pebble sitting in the nicely-formed staff sling pocket:

  4. James Watson on

    Do you think this weapon was used more for open areas, eg deserts, plains etc? Must be quite hard to stalk and sling in woodlands!

    The apache sling we taught you was often used in warfare. much easyer to stalk into an area with a sling than a bow or lance…

  5. tangiblesanctity on

    Probably open areas or sparse woodland I should think. Grassland would probably be good as you could sling from a crouched or kneeling position, where this would not be possible with the apache sling.

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