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Horn wrist guard

This is a horn and leather wrist guard I’ve just finished (for shooting bows). The horn is from longhorn highland cattle and the toggle fastening is bone. It’s fixed with sinew and hide glue.

This wrist guard is based on one I saw at the British Museum made from walrus ivory with a similarly shaped leather strap and antler fastening.


Earth Living twelve month programme

In May I intend to start Earth Living, the new twelve month programme offered by the Native Awareness school. The course will expand on some of the subjects already covered in Native Skills 1 and 2, as well as teaching many new and advanced skills.

The programme consists of nine structured sessions throughout the year, supplemented by an element of supported self study.

The climax of the class will be the survival immersion, where we will go out onto the landscape as a small tribe. We will carry with us very little equipment apart from the tools, crafts and provisions that they have made during the year.  The survival immersion will also be a celebration of our journey during the year.

I will keep an account of my experiences of the Earth Living course here, which I am anticipating is going to be one of the most demanding, and hopefully rewarding, things I have ever done.