Crocheted quivers and things

Here are some of the things I have been crocheting lately.

I crocheted this quiver last summer soon after I made my bow, but have now just finished the bow quiver to go along with it and a small bag to keep my wrist guard and things in.

Crocheting is the craft of knot tying using a hook. It’s usually associated with delicate lacy creations, but can also be used to create a hardwearing material perfect for insulating outer garments and sturdy bags. It’s quite a slow process, but with practice you can achieve a reasonable speed – I created the little bag in about an hour using a larger hook.

The wool I’ve used here is untreated natural wool from traditional heritage-breed sheep from the British Isles. I will get round to drop spindle spinning at some point but for now I bought this ready spun.

Wool is a fantastic material in that, unlike most modern fabrics, it will retain up to seventy per cent of its insulating properties even when soaking wet. Moreover, the natural greases in untreated wool help shed water faster than bleached wool or acrylic.

I’m going to create some more of these little bags as they are quick to produce and handy for storing and carrying all manner of things.

I’m also going to have a go a creating my own oversized hook and crocheting a fishing net from my own nettle cordage.


4 comments so far

  1. Tico Vogt on

    It’s impressive that you made one in an hour. I really like them. I’m going to introduce a weaving and sewing friend who teaches the craft to your website.

  2. tangiblesanctity on

    Hi Tico. The small bag took about an hour with a large hook and is quite a light loose weave, but the quivers took many, many hours with a small hook to produce a heavy, dense weave.

  3. belleparas on

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  4. Giles Gatrell on

    Your craftsmanship is awe inspiring.
    Could you give a hint of how to get started with the crochet work or post a link please?
    I would love to crochet a “quiver” for my wooden flute 🙂

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