My first atlatl

Here’s the atlatl I’ve just completed. It’s a European-style hazel atlatl measuring 25 inches (21 inches to the spur). The spur is bone and the handle wrap is wool.

The dart is just a practice one I’ve made from 12mm diameter dowelling from a DIY shop. I did it in the style of my practice arrows with white turkey feathers and green and red cresting. The nocking point is cut out from a limpet shell to create a strong and slightly concave nock. The dart is 6 foot 7 inches, which I think is a bit long for me. I might ending up bringing the length down to 6 foot.

The foreshaft and tip is removable, and this one is burnished and polished yew. I’m also going to make a blunt from cork for practicing with. Now to go out and play!

I think for my next atlatl I’m going to try an Alaskan style.


2 comments so far

  1. Tico Vogt on

    That looks amazing. Can you post a short video of how it looks in flight, once you’ve played for awhile with it?

  2. tangiblesanctity on

    Hi Tico! Yes, I’ll try and do that at some point! 🙂

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