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Leather drinking flask

I’ve also just finished a leather drinking flask. This is made from vegetable tanned leather, sewed with linen thread and waterproofed with beeswax. The stopper is hazel and the rope corded from jute.

The large flask holds one and a half pints, and the small flask on the right which I made as a prototype holds about a quarter of a pint. I might use it as a medicine flask or to carry a nip of whiskey for the long autumn nights!


Bamboo composite arrows

Here are some arrows I’ve just finished working on, after what seems like an age. They’re not wrong when they say building a bow is easy compared with a crafting a bespoke arrow.

They are a composite of bamboo shafts with holly foreshafts and nocks, and bone arrowheads. Despite bamboo growing relatively straight, it invariably changes direction slightly at the nodes, so after thinning the shafts to spine them, they did need a little heat straightening. I selected holly for the nocks and foreshafts because it is dense and strong in compression; they used to use it for the hubs of cart wheels.

The arrowheads are fixed to the foreshafts using hide glue rather than pine pitch, as I wanted to keep the clean look. Therefore I carved the foreshafts in such a way as to not impede the entry of the arrow into its target.

To go with these arrows I also made a new crocheted quiver.