These mocassins are made using commercially tanned deer hide sewn with artifical sinew using a pattern by Coogs on the PaleoPlanet forum. I don’t think they’ll be very hardwearing with this kind of leather – maybe next time I’ll make an everyday pair from elk.

Great for foxwalking!


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  1. Al on

    NIce work. I have a couple of suggestions for ways to make them last longer from someone whose made a few pairs of shoes.

    If you make them less tight around the toes then your toes won’t wear through the ends of them. As they are I’m betting your big toe will wear through the tops fairly fast.

    It looks like the leather is fairly thin, which is fine for the tops but if you make the soles out of something thicker – either a thicker deerskin or a bit of vegetable or brain tanned cowhide you’ll get a lot more wear out of them and they’ll hold shape a bit better because the sole will lend shape to the toes rather than them just being a leather sock on your feet.

    All that said, I like ’em though.


  2. tangiblesanctity on

    Thanks Al! I was told that it’s best to make them tight as the leather will stretch. As to the soles, you are right. I think I’ll incorporate a separate sole section on my next pair.

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